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Powers have been around throughout history, if you look hard enough. There have always been little inconsistencies that seem trivial, but when added together create big problems. These powers really came into the public view in the early 1950s, just after the second World War. At first, people were afraid. They locked up individuals with powers and ran all sorts of tests on them. The weird part was that some of the control tests used for reference got interesting results. A few of the ‘normal’ people registered as having powers as well. By the 1980s, these people with powers were more accepted, although most individuals were still wary or distrustful of them. At this time, there were more people with powers in the public eye than at any point in history up until then. This may be because a lot of them that were in hiding finally revealed themselves, but it’s also likely that there were simply more of them at this point than at any point in prior history. The number has been steadily rising since then.

Recently, there has been a huge spike in the number of powered people – or ‘gifted individuals’, as the academy likes to call them – and a lot more of them are getting a lot more powerful. This is most evident in European countries, China, Brazil, and the U.S. Since most start to develop their powers in pre-teen or early teenage years, we can’t tell if it’s a reaction to something that’s happened recently or a dozen years ago when the kids developing powers now were born. Some studies estimate that as many as 1 of every 500 babies born in the U.S. today could grow up to develop powers. That number could be as high as 1% in 20 years. The U.S. Government is setting up programs to try to figure out how to slow down the population growth of these ‘gifted individuals’.

The Academy for Gifted Individuals is a place where young teenagers who are just developing their powers can go to be away from the social stigma associated with their gifts and learn control over their powers and how to use them responsibly, as well as much of the social and academic skills taught at other high schools. Luckily, the government doesn’t have its hands in the academy yet, but it may do something about that soon. With the rapid rate of growth of the powered community, the government may soon set up similar institutions to brainwash the children attending and either turn them into soldiers for the government or try to eliminate their powers.

Most of the external funding for the Academy for Gifted Individuals comes from wealthy individual contributors who actually let the academy be run β€œin the manner that best benefits the children.” Unfortunately, they cannot keep up with the rapidly growing percentage of teenagers developing powers, so they have decided to concentrate on those with the most prominent powers, which are those that would have the most trouble being accepted into society normally.

Because of the nature of the academy, it tries to have its students spend their entire high school experience at AGI. They have a system by which they can detect which children will develop powers, and even how prominent their powers might be. AGI recommends that students not leave until they are considered to be in control of their powers and emotionally ready to reenter general society. Students are heavily discouraged from leaving school grounds except on certain supervised ‘field trips’. Entry onto school grounds is forbidden for anyone other than students, alumni, and employees. While AGI tries to create as safe an environment as possible, many students don’t have full control over their powers or don’t yet know the limits of their powers.

Despite limited access to the outside world, or maybe because of it, AGI has proven to be the best place for children with powers, if they can get accepted. Graduates of AGI are in all areas of work. Some use their powers for the good of their communities, and some refrain from using their powers and utilize their other talents to succeed in their profession. A far fewer percentage of AGI graduates than the national average of powered individuals turn to crime. AGI supports students in pursuing a wide variety of career choices and teaches them necessary skills to succeed in college or in their desired profession. It is respected academically and prepares its students well for the outside world.

The [Mysterious] Academy for Gifted Individuals

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